Top 5 Favorite Tax Blogs For the Rest of Us

As the new year begins with new and fresh resolutions, so does the the “tax preparation” anxiety, especially if you are self-employed, a contractor, or a business owner. This is the time where we have to make sure all of our documentation is in order and, if it isn’t, start getting it in order.

For most, taxes are a frightening subject. No one wants to mess with the IRS, especially if we have friends or family who have paid the scary consequences. I’m sure most have heard the horror stories of garnished wages, tax liens on homes, outrageous charges and even jail time. It’s a scary thought!

This year, taxable income has been modified and home ownership deductions and credits have changed. For this and other reasons, you should have a financial advisor and/or a tax accountant on your payroll to save yourself from all of the headaches you’ll incur while trying to keep up with organizing your finances and properly filling your taxes.

While there is such a thing as having too many taxes, you can never have enough simple and concise information, insight, and commentary, even with tax professionals at your disposal. Therefore, I present to you the…..

Top 5 Favorite Tax Blogs of 2010 for the Rest of Us

1. Kay Bell gives great and concise tax and personal finance information that is easy to follow. One of my favorites is her “Daily Tax Tips for 2010” as well as her “Year End Tax Moves”.

2. The Tax Professor – he looks like one too! It is loaded with tax information and may be a little too in-depth for your taste. Still, if you really want to get down to the nitty-gritty of taxes, tax laws, tax programs, case studies, etc., this is the place to go.

3. Kelly Phillips Erb is an attorney and loves taxes! She has a great “Ask the Tax Girl” section, and has started a “State Tax Primer”.

4. BankRate: Although not entirely targeted for tax information, this site has a great “2010 Tax Guide” with a state taxes fe

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